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The Broken Mirror - Support for those in Toronto and the GTA
The Broken Mirror
For those of you who might not have read or heard of this book I completley recomend it!
It has helped me understand the condition more.

From The Publisher:

In The Broken Mirror, Dr. Katharine Phillips draws on years of clinical practice, scientific research, and detailed interviews with patients to bring readers the first book on this troubling, and sometimes debilitating, disorder, in which sufferers are obsessed with perceived flaws in their appearance. Phillips describes severe cases, but also milder cases, such as Carl, a successful lawyer who uses work to distract him from his slightly thinning hair. Many sufferers function well, but remain secretly obsessed by their "hideous acne" or "horrible nose," sneaking constant peeks at a pocket mirror, or spending hours redoing makeup. BDD afflicts millions of people. It isn't an uncommon disorder, simply a hidden one, since sufferers are often embarrassed to tell even their closest friends about their concerns: one woman, after fifty years of marriage, still kept her appearance worries a secret from her husband. Besides the fascinating story of the disorder itself, The Broken Mirror is also a lifesaving handbook for sufferers, their families, and their doctors. Left untreated, the torment of BDD can lead to hospitalization and sometimes suicide. With treatment, many sufferers are able to lead normal lives. Phillips provides a quick self-assessment questionnaire, helping readers distinguish between normal appearance concerns and the obsession of BDD to determine whether they or someone they know have BDD. She includes common clues to BDD—such as frequent mirror checking, covering up with clothing, and excessive exercise. Other chapters outline treatments using medication and cognitive-behavioral therapy. Finally, Phillips includes a chapter for the friends and families of BDD sufferers. Profoundly affected by the disorder themselves, those who care about someone with BDD will find both helpful advice and reassurance in this indispensable book.

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